The Green Advantage

Brick is the best choice if you want to stay in the GREEN when making earth-friendly choices.

Brick is a highly sustainable building material.  With its long lifecycle, energy efficiency, minimal waste and many recycling options, brick is one of the greenest choices you can make.


Brick means Longevity and that is Green. Brick’s estimated lifespan is roughly 100 years or more, and that’s very conservative considering brick structures like the Roman aqueducts have been around for over 1000 years. When you build with brick, it stays built, and that’s a very GREEN concept.


Brick is about as Natural as you can get. The ingredients for brick are everywhere. It is made of clay and shale, which are among the most abundant materials on the planet. That means brick is not only natural but also sustainable. Considering all of its benefits – beauty, strength, durability, and energy efficiency – choosing brick for your new home is a natural and GREEN decision.


Brick is completely Recyclable. Old bricks build new buildings. Crushed brick pave streets, or provide natural mulch. If brick end up in a landfill, there is no need for special handling or for fear of contamination. There is no building material more recyclable than brick and that is GREEN.

Energy Efficient

Brick helps you reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill. Brick is a heating and cooling system’s best friend. It absorbs and releases thermal energy. In the summer, it soaks up the heat and keeps your house cooler. In the winter, it traps the internal heat longer to provide warmth and that’s GREEN.

Ease of Maintenance

Brick never needs painting unless you want to. On the outside that lowers your maintenance costs. Used for inside walls, brick can serve as both structure and finish material. Brick is also healthy as it is mold, mildew, and fungus resistant and that’s GREEN.

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